Frequently Asked Questions

Hail damage can be very hard to distinguish from the ground and almost impossible to spot by an untrained eye. Yes your property may be old, but that simply means that it's had more opportunities to incur damage from storms that have passed over your zip code. Damage caused by wind and hail storms can be inimical to the well-being of your property. Unless you have an exclusion on your insurance policy that states they will not accept coverage on your dwelling because of its age which is reflected in your premium, you have paid them to be indemnified for damaged property. When your roof or siding is older it is more susceptible to storm damage and your insurance carrier is accepting a premium from you based on covering for items that are damaged. Matrix Public Adjusters provides highly trained and licensed insurance adjusters who will be able to discern storm damage from age and weathering.
No one in their right mind would go to court and not have a lawyer. If you file a claim on your property without hiring a public adjuster that's essentially what you're choosing to do. Insurance carriers are not in the business of paying what they're supposed to and will try to minimize or deny your claim completely. Once an insurance adjuster has denied a claim or paid as minimally as possible, they make it very hard to reopen the claim and pay you what they're supposed to. The process could take 5-10x  longer than if you would have had Matrix Public Adjusters represent you in the first place. Make sure you have the proper representation when filing a claim on your property to insure you're treated fairly.
So your brother/friend/husband is a contractor. That's great, but you first need to get the money to do the work. A contractor has no legal negotiating power with insurance carriers to insure you get the necessary funds. It wouldn't make sense to pay for your roofing, siding, gutters etc. when you're already paying your insurance company to cover those expenses. Let Matrix Public Adjusters get the indemnities you deserve and then you can have your brother/friend/husband do the work if you choose to do so.
Your insurance agent is not an insurance adjuster. They have nothing to do with who your insurance carrier sends out to do the inspection. An agent's job is to sell you a policy and deter you from filing a claim. Many insurance agents collect a percentage of your premium each year you don't file a claim and don't have your better interest in mind. It's important that you have proper representation when your insurance carrier's adjuster comes to do an inspection, which your agent has no legal say in.
Insurance carriers base their premium on your risk level as a policyholder. If you have a fire or a flood and your neighbor doesn't, your insurance carrier would say you're riskier to insure than your neighbor so your premium would be raised individually. However, when there's a storm an insurance carrier can't fault you individually because you couldn't have done anything to cause the storm nor prevent it, but what they can do is raise everybody's rates collectively within your zip code whether or not you file a claim. So yes, your rates will go up slightly but that's whether you choose to file a claim or not. Your premium will also reflect the fact that there's been a storm within your zip code regardless of what you do.