Commercial Wind Damage

Commercial Wind Damage

Wind storms occur in every region of Illinois each year. Insurance carriers profit by raising everyone’s rates in an affected zip code whether or not you was a policyholder file a commercial wind damage claim. Wind storms can be inimical to your Chicagoland commercial property by damaging the integrity of its shingles and even blowing them completely off your roof.

Once this wind damage occurs and the water shedding capabilities of the roof have been compromised, water from rain and snow is free to penetrate throughout your Chicagoland commercial property. If this happens, your roof sheathing will begin to rot which can lead to mold and serious problems for your business. Let our Chicagoland Licensed Public Adjusters give you a free, no-obligation inspection to see if you have the qualifying commercial wind damage to receive the indemnities you deserve.

Chicagoland Commercial Wind Damage Claim Experts

Matrix Public Adjusters provides Insurance Adjusters licensed through the Illinois Department of Insurance to represent Chicagoland policyholders to insurance carriers who are experts in commercial wind damage. Our job is to make sure Chicagoland policyholders receive the maximum amount of indemnifications in the wake of commercial wind damage.

Matrix Public Adjusters is staffed by a dedicated team of well versed, driven individuals devoted to seeing you receive the maximum payout for Chicagoland commercial wind damage, which you deserve.

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